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Xander vom Grabfeldgau KKk1, IGP2, a NORMAL ED NORMAL, (BSZS SG20) (DM CLEAR) Fully DNA Profiled

Will be mated to

Takimbre Divas Choice 'A''Z' DM Clear

diva 8dec18 web

Pups from this mating will be rich Black and Gold, strong boned and excellent temperament. They will be DM Clear by parentage. As both Xander and Diva carry the LSC gene there maybe be LSC pups. Accepting Expressions of Interest now. No deposit required to be on waitlist!

Pups we breed are ready to go at 8 weeks. They will have been wormed fortnightly, vet checked, vaccinated(C3) and microchipped. They will be Registered with Dogs NSW on Main Register but are not for breeding unless stated prior to purchase.

We provide

Three weeks supply of food

Collar and lead

Milbemax worm tablet that covers intestinal worms and heartworm

Puppy information book over 100 pages.

Val Bonney Books "Who's the Boss and "Are you Still The Boss" and her DVD's for those with younger children

Lifetime support and advice.

If you are not prepared to follow our advice on diet, correct weight, obedience training, appropriate exercise and the use of Vitamin C please do not contact us

The following are our Conditions of Sale.

Should you for whatever reason need to rehome a pup/dog bought from us that you MUST contact us first. Under no circumstances are pups/dogs bred by us to be handed over to the RSPCA or AWL as this in all likelihood will be a death sentence. NO pup/dog bred by us is to be subjected to the "Penn Hip" or hip operation to "CORRECT" alleged possible hip dysplasia. Conditions of Sale are not negotiable without our written approval

Holding deposits normally refundable but at the discretion of the Breeder.

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